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Before you start a journey, you should first find out where you came from, what circumstances you are currently in and where you want to go.

Especially when chronic illnesses such as depression, PTSD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Hashimoto’s, etc. make your everyday life more challenging.

Therefore, it makes sense to get an overview of what is stressing you and what is beneficial to you - in other words, take a personal inventory.

A very effective way to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy way to understand what triggers you and what strategies help you overcome it. Keeping a mental health journal is an appropriate way to deal with anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression.

Are you looking for a journal where you can capture moments of well-being or stress?

With this journal & workbook you’ll be able to identify the everyday stressors and triggers so that you can work on a feasible plan to solve the problem, reduce stress, control triggers and improve your well-being and overall mental health. You’ll be guided with professional templates for your personal inventory and tracking sheets.

From the author:

As someone with chronic diseases over decades, I can speak not only on theoretical knowledge but from painful experience. Every hurdle I have to overcome makes me stronger. Journaling helped me a lot. But existing journals with prompts haven't appealed to me. Bullet journals were too time-consuming for me. Therefore, I designed myself a self-care planner & journal. Since there are certainly more people who are looking for a journal without superfluous frills, I decided to make it available for everyone.

How to make to most of this planner:

To make sure that you really use these powerful workbook every day, the journal comes with a daily planner in which you can jot down important things. This comes handy even if you’re using a digital planner as main source. Especially to log appointments and other events as reference.

This workbook is divided into sections, which you can easily recognize by the gray stripe at the edge of the pages. You’re able to access the sections quickly, especially since there is no ribbon in the paperback version. The first section contains the guided self-assessment sheets. The several tracker sheets can be found starting on page 30. They are prepared for two months. Grab your coloring pencils. 

For your daily planning and reflection, you’ll find sheets with prompts for a span of eight weeks accompanied by two worksheets for personal rewarding and self-assessments per each week.

  • You'll get a PDF with 176 pages as complete workbook for a span of 8 weeks to print out.

  • Size
    12.9 MB
  • Length
    176 pages
  • License
    Personal use only
  • Pages
  • Format
    Digital - useable in Goodnotes
  • You'll get a PDF with 176 pages as complete workbook for a span of 8 weeks to print out.
  • Size12.9 MB
  • Length176 pages
  • LicensePersonal use only
  • Pages174
  • FormatDigital - useable in Goodnotes
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All about me – Mental Health Journal | Printable

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